Old Limestone 1 Liter Bottles in 4-Pack

$ 19.99

Fill up a pitcher. Make a tray of ice. Use it to refill your flint-glass bottle. Our 1-liter bottles are perfect for parties small and large. Each bottle is topped off with our velvety smooth limestone-filtered spring water. Mixes beautifully with any bourbon or whiskey. Perfect for ice molds or just a splash.

Our 1 liters are sold in packs of 4 bottles making them an economical way to complete your bourbon bar. 

Details. This is the same delicious, velvety-smooth water used by master distillers in Kentucky to make your favorite bourbons. It delivers a rich mouthfeel and it amplifies the taste and aroma of your favorite brand, never alters it. Old Limestone is drawn from the Kentucky limestone aquifer. These unique spring waters have traces of calcium and magnesium which gently bring out bourbons nuanced flavors, but no iron, which would turn a bourbon mash black. Even in Kentucky, ordinary tap water falls short of what a master distiller needs. Old Limestone.  100% limestone-filtered spring water. Ships nationwide from Kentucky.

Tasting The Difference

Ice cubes or a splash, limestone-filtered spring water gently release all the flavor nuances of your favorite bourbon - just as the master distiller's intended it to be. Try this.  Pour two fingers neat, then sip it. Now add a splash of Old Limestone, swirl it around, and sip it again. There, you see? That's why Barry and I started starting bottling Old Limestone: To get back to our bourbon roots and enjoy it as we did in the old days.

How Many Do I Need?

 Our 4-packs are better for weddings, bar mitzvahs, formal bourbon tastings, sharing with your friends, golf outings, beach volleyball, taking some to your club, or just to be the most popular person on the block.


Weight: 11 lbs. per 4-pack

Ships: Best Rate Option