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"This was the best bourbon and branch ever!" Distinguished Spirits


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"I have been enjoying the water very much. It is an absolutely perfect addition to my bourbons and I’m thrilled to have it on hand. Thank you so much for the outstanding customer service as well as the truly outstanding product.” Danny, Texas

Debunked: The 7 Biggest Myths About American Whiskey
Business Insider A lot of people are worried about adding water or ice. But adding a little water actually opens up the whiskey to release more flavors and aromas.”
"The splash of choice for those who savor premium bourbons."
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 Add A Splash

“After you have tasted the bourbon neat, add a splash (about half a teaspoon) of water to the whiskey. This can release more and different flavors especially in higher proof bourbons.” Kentucky Bourbon Country

 “The water is a very important ingredient  and is a key reason why the bourbon industry has flourished in Kentucky. The state’s limestone geology  means that iron is filtered out of the water as it flows over the rock and becomes a sweet-tasting mineral water. Whiskey made from water containing iron would turn black, which is absolutely unappealing.” Kentucky Bourbon Country

 “An important ingredient in cocktails and mixed drinks sometimes gets overlooked, even by bartenders—the right ice.”  “The Right Ice for Your Cocktail”  The Wall Street Journal

“I’m writing from North Carolina to ask for another bottle.
Every since I left Lexington I’ve had to use plain water for ice cubes.
Uch. Spoils my bourbon. Please send two liters! Love the ice cubes it makes.”
John B, Raleigh, N.C