Old Limestone 375ml Flint Glass Pony Bottle

$ 7.95

 Our Delicious Mixing Water Is Now Available in Our Smaller But Elegant  375ml Bottle

Smaller, lighter and more portable. This is our new 375ml flint glass bottle filled with out delicious mixing water. Designed for small, intimate groups or formal tastings, our new 375ml bottle is elegant enough for any occasions yet portable and easy to carry. Moreover, it is ideal for table service or at a dinner party.  

If you know your bourbon you know bourbon  leads to ice which leads to water which leads to Old Limestone which is the water that started it all.  Ice cubes or a splash  limestone filtered spring water gently  releases all the flavor nuances of your favorite bourbon just as the master distiller intended it to be.  Pour two fingers neat, then sip it. Now add a splash of Old Limestone, swirl it around and sip it again. That's the way it was done in the old days. That's Old Limestone.

We import a heavy flint-glass bottle from France, fill it at the source here in Kentucky,  then use a bar top closure so you can reseal it. Each bottle is filled with our award winning, velvety smooth limestone filtered spring water bottled here in Kentucky in bourbon country. Mixes perfectly with any bourbon or whiskey.

Details. This is the same delicious, velvety-smooth water used by master distillers in Kentucky to make your favorite bourbons. It delivers a rich mouth feel and it  amplifies the taste and aroma of your favorite brand, never alters it. Old Limestone is drawn from the Kentucky limestone aquifer. These unique spring waters have traces of calcium and magnesium  which gently bring out a bourbons nuanced flavors, but no iron, which would turn a bourbon mash black. Even in the Kentucky, ordinary tap water falls short of what a master distiller needs. Old Limestone.  100% limestone filtered spring water. Ships worldwide direct from Kentucky.

Weight:1.6 lbs per bottle


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